Prantsusmaa DVD-lt pärit intervjuu Tayloriga.

Eksklusiivne videoklipp Prantsusmaa Noorkuu DVD-lt.

Bonjour! 🙂

Inglise keelsed küsimused tulevad peale linki (Kui on  probleeme arusaamisega, kirjutage kommentaaridesse ja ma katsun ära tõlkida, kuigi enamus neist on väga lihtsad ja üheselt mõistetavad).

1. Is Jacob Bella’s sun?

2. Did you have a lot of time to talk with Stephenie Meyer?

3. Was there a lot of pressure to play Jacob?

4. How was the casting?

5. How did you get prepared for this role?

6. Did you do research about Quileute tribe?

7. Is it diffucult to shoot a movie with a wig?

8.  During filming, could you improvise a scene?

9.  Did you do your own stunts?

10. Are you a fan of your CGI wolf?

11.  How does your wolf have been created?

12.  What was your biggest challenge?

13.  Is it different to be directed by a man director?

14.  Did Chris Weitz give you a “guide”?

15.  How do you react to the fans’ expectations?

16.  How can you explain this phenomenon?

17. Do you think the film is true to the book?

18.  If there was a fight between Edward & Jacob…

19.  Are you happy to have your ‘pack’ with you?

20.  How was the atmosphere during the filming?

21.  What do you think about your co-stars?

22.  Do you understand Bella?

23.  Are you excited to discover Eclipse?


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